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Precision Medical Oxygen Supply Manifold # PM106

O2 Supply ManifoldIt’s Complete… Six oxygen masks, one 20 ft hose and the manifold supplied in a hard plastic case. Ready to use in any emergency situation requiring multiple O2 sources.

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Ventilators, Transport/Portable

Uni-Vent® Model 73X - The 73x is the first affordable portable ventilator designed for transport, surge and mass casualty care. This device is a must-have for first responders to all types of disaster and emergency situations. It is ideally suited for Fire / EMS / Aeromedical emergency and disaster response.

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Featuring the Uni-Vent® Eagle™ Model 754 - a self-contained ventilator-compressor-blender weighing just over 12-pounds, with graphics display, powerful monitors and alarms, an interactive demo/teaching mode, and fast startup sequence that allows you to begin operation in as few as 3-steps. EMI/RFI certification is standard (includes aero medical). This unit is ideally suited for Fire /EMS / Aeromedical emergency and disaster response.

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